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When do we use the present continuous?
a) When actions take place every day, as a routine
b) When actions took place in the past
c) When actions are taking place now
d) When actions will take place in the some time in the future

When do we use the passive tense?
a) When we want to emphasize who receives the action
b) When we don't know who or what is the subject
c) When the subject receives the action
d) All of them are correct

Adverbs of frequency are used mainly in
a) the present simple
b) the present continuous
c) the past simple
d) the past continuous

What adverbs are mainly used in the present perfect?
a) usually
b) already
c) tomorrow
d) yesterday

What is the past participle of become?
a) Became
b) becoming
c) become
d) None of them are correct

Fiction conditionals are type
a) None of them are correct
b) Type III
c) Type I
d) Type II

Past continuous tense is formed by
a) verb to be in present tense plus infinitive
b) verb to be in present tense plus gerund
c) verb to be in past tense plus gerund
d) verb to be in past tense plus infinitive

Past Perfect tense is formed by
a) have plus past participle
b) has plus past participle
c) none of the three options are correct
d) had plus past participle

The adverb NOW is commonly used in
a) the present simple
b) the past simple
c) the present continuous
d) the past perfect

Yesterday is commonly used in the
a) past simple
b) present continuous
c) present simple
d) will

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