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What type of weather is most associated with low pressure areas?
a) Wet and storms
b) clear skies
c) hot and sunny
d) cold

What type of weather is most associated with a high pressure area?
a) clear and pleasant
b) rainy
c) snowy
d) storms

A huge storm that forms over large bodies of water and begins as a tropical disturbance is called a
a) hurricane
b) blizzard
c) thunderstorm
d) tornado

When a tornado has been spotted, forecasters issue
a) tornado warning
b) thunderstorm warning
c) hurricane watch
d) tornado watch

A sudden spark between clouds or between a cloud and the ground is
a) lightning
b) thunderstorm
c) hurricane
d) flooding

Tornadoes form when
a) warm moist air meets cool dry air and rotation occurs
b) a thundstrom gets extremely strong
c) warm moist air meet cool dry air
d) cool moist air meets warm dry air followed by rotation

What keeps the Earth warm at night by acting like an insulator?
a) clouds
b) atmosphere
c) rain
d) moon

What happens to temperature after a warm front passes through an area?
a) It increases.
b) It decreases.
c) It stays the same.
d) It has no effect.

Using the data chart in your notes, if you had wind going from SW to NW with a barometer of 30.15 and steady what is your prediction?
a) Fair with little temperature change
b) Storms coming soon
c) Pleasant with rain on the way
d) Cooling temperatures coming soon

Using the data chart in your notes, if you had wind going from S to E with a barometer of 29.79 and falling what is your prediction?
a) Storms within a few hours
b) Fair with little temperature change
c) Rain will continue
d) Pleasant weather soon

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