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Although this person originally fought for the colonists, he was later discovered as a traitor when he turned an important fort over to the British.
a) John Adams
b) Patrick Henry
c) Benedict Arnold
d) George Washington

This individual was commander-in-chief of the Continental Army during the revolution. He was elected the first president of the United States.
a) George Washington
b) King George III
c) Benjamin Franklin
d) Thomas Jefferson

This person was known as the “voice of the American Revolution” because he was famous for speaking out against such things as the Stamp Act and the Intolerable Acts. During one of his most famous speeches he said, “Give me liberty or give me de
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) Benedict Arnold
c) George Washington
d) Patrick Henry

This person is credited with writing the Declaration of Independence. He was later elected as the 3rd president of the United States.
a) Benedict Arnold
b) John Adams
c) Thomas Jefferson
d) George Washington

This was the ruler of Great Britain who thought that taxing the colonists would help him pay for the French and Indian War.
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) King George III
c) George Washington
d) Benjamin Franklin

This person was a famous inventor, scientist, publisher, philosopher, and leader. He served on a committee to help write the Declaration of Independence, but he was not credit with writing it. He served as a delegate and asked France for help during
a) King George III
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) Patrick Henry
d) Benjamin Franklin

This person convinced others to sign the Declaration of Independence. He helped set up the U.S. Navy and marines. He signed the Treaty of Paris, ending the American Revolution. He was vice president under Washington before becoming our 2nd president.
a) George Washington
b) Benedict Arnold
c) John Adams
d) Thomas Jefferson

Why do Americans have a holiday called Independence Day on the 4th of July?
a) to honor past presidents
b) to honor the new year
c) to honor the birth of our country
d) to honor American soldiers

The Declaration of Independence said, "All men are created equal". What did this mean to the colonists?
a) only certain people should have freedom
b) the 13 colonies wanted to remain dependent
c) George Washington was a great leader during the Revolution
d) the people were as important as the king

According to the Declaration of Independence, where does the power of governement come from?
a) the royal governor
b) the consent of the governed
c) the king
d) God

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