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What type of transportation do Afgans mostly use?
a) Bicycle
b) Cars
c) Planes
d) Trains

What are Afgans employed in ?
a) Agriculture
b) Technology
c) Education
d) Constucttion

What type of school does Afganistan have like America ?
a) Public schools
b) Private schools
c) Islamic schools
d) Christian schools

What drink do Afghans have like in America?
a) Tea
b) Soda
c) Smoothies
d) Slushies

What type of cities does America have that Afghanistan does not?
a) Healthy cities
b) Violent cities
c) Starving cities
d) Unsanitary cities

What is the same in our government and the Afghan government?
a) Has a president
b) Has a King and Queen
c) Has a dictator
d) Has a ruler

What bird do Afghan cities have a lot of?
a) Pigeons
b) Blue Jays
c) Robins
d) Hawks

What type of buildings does Afgahnistan have the most of?
a) Wrecked buildings
b) New buildings
c) Old buildings
d) Huts

What is the population of Mazari?
a) 183,000
b) 56,000
c) 75,000
d) 2,000,000

What types of school is most often found in Kandahanl?
a) Islamic
b) Christian
c) Private
d) Public

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