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How are sound waves different from light waves?
a) sound waves travel at a slower pace than light waves
b) sound waves travel through space but light waves can't
c) sound waves have shorter wavelenghts than lightwaves
d) soundwaves are a source of energy but light waves are not

Which is true about light and the electronmagnetic spectrum?
a) visible light is only part of the electromagnetic spectrum that can be seen by the human eye
b) visible light has more energy than the rest of the spectrum
c) visible light travels slower tahn the rest of the spectrum
d) visible light is the only part of the spectrum that can travel through space

In what way are atoms of nitrogen different from atoms of oxygen?
a) they have different masses
b) they have different temperatures
c) they have different states of matter
d) they have different colors

The melting point of a solid is 24.9 celcius. As heat is added to melt the solid, what hapens to the particles?
a) the particles moved farther apart
b) the motion of the particles increases
c) the motion of the particles decreases
d) the particles move closer together

An example of a property of matter that can be observed without changing the identity oft he mattter is
a) solubility
b) flammability
c) reactivity
d) rust

If you place a stone in cold water, what would happen to the stone after 10 minutes?
a) The stone would get cooler and the water would get warmer
b) the water would get as hot as the stone had been
c) the stone will get as cold as the water had been
d) the stone woudl get warmer and the water would get cooler

When electromagnetic waves strike a metal pipe, what usually happens?
a) the pipe absorbs some of the waves
b) the pipe gets colder
c) the pipe reflects all of the waves
d) the pipe begins to produce light

Which describes why metals are used to make pots and pans for cooking?
a) metals conduct heat and have a high melting point
b) metals conduct heat and have a low melting point
c) metals radiate heat and have a high melting point
d) metals radiate heat and have a low melting point

why do moon phases occur?
a) because of changing angles of the earth-moon-sun system as the moon orbits the earth
b) because the sun is farther from earth than the moon
c) because the moon is closer to earth than the sun
d) because the gravitational pull of the earth-moon-sun system as the moon orbits the earth

What is the most useful purpose of the International space Center
a) to enable long term exploration of space
b) to provide a vacation destiny for wealthy Americans
c) to enable the designs of rockets to be tested
d) to provide a home to humans when Earth becomes too polluted

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