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Pouring champagne can communicate ______.
a) Warmth
b) Triumph
c) Suspense
d) Disgust

______ can clarify on screen actions.
a) Narration
b) Re-Enactments
c) Sound Effects
d) Caption

Words can convey information in highly ______ form.
a) Literal
b) Detailed
c) Loud
d) Condensed

Professional ______ can organize and emphasize information through their skills in verbal delivery.
a) Actors
b) Sound Technicians
c) Narrators
d) Screen Writers

Sound can ______ separate shots by carrying continuous sounds across edits and through multiple shots.
a) Synthesize
b) Blend
c) Replace
d) Script

This audio is recorded simultaneously with the video and is often called the production track.
a) Foley Sound
b) Library Sound
c) Synthesized Sound
d) Live Sound

This is live audio that has been processed in postproduction to improve its quality.
a) Live Sound
b) Foley Sound
c) Sweetened Sound
d) Synthesized Sound

This is a track of sound effects recorded live in a special studio while the video is displayed so that technicians can synchronize the sounds they are creating with the program in
a) Production Sound
b) Sweetened Sound
c) Foley Sound
d) Synthesized Sound

This is audio that is not created specifically for a particular program, but is stored on discs for use when needed.
a) Sweetened Sound
b) Synthesized Sound
c) Library Sound
d) Live Sound

This is digital audio that is created on a computer instead of being recorded acoustically.
a) Sweetened Sound
b) Synthesized Sound
c) Foley Sound
d) Library Sound

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