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All of the following are true about the effects of the Civil War EXCEPT -
a) families fought against one another
b) women ran the businesses, farms, and plantations
c) the South was less equipped than the North
d) the North was less equipped than the South

Which of the following accurately describes an effect of the Civil War?
a) families were brought together
b) combat was brutal and often man-to-man
c) battle wounds were the main cause of death
d) confederate money became valuable

Which of the following DOES NOT accurate describe an effect of the Civil War?
a) Southern troops became younger and poorly equipped.
b) Women joined both the Confederate & Union Armies
c) Confederate money became worthless
d) Disease was the biggest killer.

Clara Barton is best know for -
a) Creating the American Red Cross
b) becoming the first woman congressman
c) running her family\'s plantation
d) the most famous woman who fought for the Union Army

Robert Small is best known for -
a) leading the Underground Railroad
b) becoming the first African American to join the Union army
c) being a Union naval Captain & becoming a Congressman
d) being a famous Confederate general & becoming a governor

Which of the following accurately describes the affects of the Civil War on African Americans
a) They fought in both the Union & Confederate armies
b) They fought only for the Union army
c) They served in white units
d) They were paid just as much as caucasion sailors

Which of the following is NOT true about African Americans during the Civil War?
a) They fought in both the Confederate & Union armies
b) They were discriminated against and served in segregated units
c) Robert Smalls was a Union naval captain & later became a congressman
d) African Americans did NOT fight in the Civil War.

Which of the following is NOT true about women's roles during the Civil War?
a) They ran businesses.
b) They ran farms.
c) They ran plantations.
d) They stayed home to only take care of their families

Which General surrendered to end the Civil War?
a) Robert E. Lee
b) Ulysses S. Grant
c) Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson
d) Abraham Lincoln

This was the Civil War surrender site.
a) Gettysburg
b) Vicksburg
c) Richmond
d) Appomattox

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