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Meriweather Lewis and William Clark traveled from St. Louis, Missouri, to the mouth of the Columbia River. This route became known as the
a) Oregon Trail
b) Santa Fe Trail
c) Trail of Tears

Both the American Revolution and the ____________ ended in Virginia
a) Civil War
b) Trail of Tears
c) Mexican War

Many of the Middle West states were once part of the __________
a) Louisiana Purchase
c) Missouri Compromise
d) Black Hawk Purchase

The Declaration of Independence and ___________ were written in Pennsylvania.
a) The United States Constitution
c) The Star Spangled Banner
d) the Black Hawk Purchase

One of the world's foremost medical research centers is the ___________
a) Mayo Clinic
b) Raleigh Clinic
c) Rochester Clinic

The first permanent English settlement was at Jamestown,____________
a) Virginia
b) Delaware
c) New Jersey

The Statue of Liberty is located in the harbor of____________
a) New York
c) Maine
d) California

Patriots protested a tax on tea in ________________
a) Massachusetts
b) New Hampshire
c) Delaware

What region is Washington State in?
a) Pacific
b) Middle West
c) Southeast
d) Southwest

What region is Texas in?
a) Southwest
b) Southeast
c) Northeast
d) Middle West

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