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What was President Roosevelt's response to the economic trouble?
a) The New Deal
b) Communist Takeover
c) Both of them
d) None of them

How did Italy and Germany respond to economic troubles?
a) The New Deal
b) Fascism
c) Communism
d) None of them

What is a severe and prolonged downturn in the economy?
a) Recession
b) Regression
c) Depression
d) Succession

What was the new name for Russia following the Russian Revolution?
a) U.S.S.R.
b) The Republic of Russia
c) The State of Soviet Russia
d) None of them

Which country entered World War I and changed the outcome?
a) Great Britain
b) United States
c) Russia
d) Germany

Which alliance was made from the countries of France, Russia, and Great Britain?
a) Triple Alliance
b) Triple Entente
c) Triple Threat
d) None of them

What was a feature of battle during World War I?
a) Tanks
b) Trenches
c) Gas
d) All of them

Who gained greater voting rights after World War I?
a) Women
b) Men
c) Children
d) None of them

Which country was behind many other European nations during the Industrial Revolution?
a) Great Britain
b) The United States
c) France
d) Russia

What is a name related to the group that took over Russia?
a) Communists
b) Reds
c) Bolsheviks
d) All of them

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