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What means to not take sides in a war?
a) Socialism
b) Neutral
c) Alliance
d) Nationalism

What is a government that eliminates social classes and attempts to create equality?
a) Democracy
b) Socialism
c) Monarchy
d) Republic

Which country was seen as the agressor during World War I?
a) Germany
b) Russia
c) Italy
d) Great Britain

Who was the revolutionary leader that attempted to overtake the Russian government several times?
a) Joseph Stalin
b) Ivan Trotsky
c) Vladimir Lenin
d) Leon Trotsky

Which of the following was a reason that the United States joined World War I?
a) The Zimmerman Telegram
b) The sinking of the Louisitania
c) German submarine warfare
d) All of them

Which Asian country became an aggressive, imperialistic power in the 1930's?
a) Japan
b) China
c) Korea
d) Vietnam

What are payments for harm done?
a) Concessions
b) Reparations
c) Stalemate
d) Consultations

What would describe the early years of World War I?
a) Ultimate Victory
b) Peace/Truce
c) All of them
d) Stalemate

Which of the following was the most successful revolution in modern times?
a) Russian Revolution
b) American Revolution
c) French Revolution
d) Communist Revolution

Which of the following can be seen as a cause of war?
a) Alliances
b) Nationalism
c) Imperialism
d) All of them

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