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What do the soldier do before war in Afghanistan?
a) Pray
b) Say good-bye to their families
c) Eat lots of food
d) Run for miles

The Taliban...
a) Destroyed temples and statues
b) Trained animals
c) Taught children
d) Helped the poor

The Tailiban did not allow...
a) Music, sports or games
b) Clothes from America
c) Books written in English
d) Hair barrettes

What city did the Taliban take over?
a) Kabul
b) Denver
c) Dover
d) Boston

What is something that was not allowed by the Taliban in Afghanistan that is allowed in the USA?
a) Women can go to school to learn
b) Everyone can watch television
c) Children can have pets
d) Men can wear their hair really long

What is a common piece of clothing that women wear in Afghanistan?
a) Burkas
b) Dresses
c) Skirts
d) Shawls

On what holiday do Muslims have to fast?
a) Ramadan
b) Christmas
c) Mawlid-un-Nabi
d) Halloween

What month does their New Year begin?
a) March
b) April
c) January
d) June

Women can't listen to...
a) music
b) their husbands
c) themselves
d) their kids

Where do Muslims have to go at least once in their lives?
a) Mecca
b) Herat
c) Denver
d) Washington D.C.

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