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What is the flat bread of Afghanistan called?
a) Naan
b) Toast
c) Cheese
d) Rice

What do people in Afghanistan like to eat with lamb?
a) Rice
b) Steak
c) Cheddar cheese
d) Pork

Two types of tea in Afghanistan are
a) Black and green
b) Blue and black
c) Purple and blue
d) Green and purple

What is another name of Ramadan?
a) Nawrooz
b) Christmas
c) Thanksgiving
d) Eid Al Fitr

For what holiday do some of the Afghanistan people fast for a month?
a) Eid al-Ahda
b) Eid al-Fiter
c) Christmas
d) Hanukkah

How many presents do you get for Ramadan?
a) None
b) Ten
c) Fifteen
d) Twenty

What do many of the Afghans wear for clothes?
a) Robes
b) Coats
c) T-shirts
d) Long sleeve shirts

How many does must you fast for Ramadan?
a) One day
b) One month
c) One hour
d) One year

After what holiday do you feast in Afghanistan?
a) Eid Al-Ahada
b) Christmas
c) Easter
d) Eid-Al-Fiter

For what holiday do kids in Afghanistan get to have a party?
a) Ramadan
b) Their birthday
c) Easter
d) St. Patrick's Day

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