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What animal is there hundred of in the cities of Afghanistan?
a) White birds
b) Brown goats
c) Gray mules
d) Black crows

What country fought in Kabul?
a) Britain
b) China
c) United States
d) North Korea

What city is the capital of Afghanistan?
a) Kabul
b) Herat
c) Kandahanl
d) Mazari-Shareeft

What city was once a Persian Empire?
a) Herat
b) Kebul
c) Kandahanl
d) Mazari-Shareefl

Who captured the city of Kabul?
a) Ghengus Khan
b) Johnny Depp
c) Osama Bin Laden
d) Adolf Hitler

What is the same about Herat and Denver?
a) It snows in both cities
b) They both are near an ocean.
c) They both have a famous football team.
d) They both have a water park.

What is the same about Kabul and Herat?
a) Both are capital cities.
b) Both have juice making factories.
c) Both have a mint where money is made.
d) Both have private schools

What is Herat famouos for?
a) Magnificant gardens
b) Tall mountains
c) Green grass
d) Long rivers

What is the oldest city in Afghanistan?
a) Kabul
b) Genoa
c) Herat
d) Salem

What does Denver have that Kabul does not?
a) Tall skyscrapers
b) Small temples
c) Giant sandpits
d) Little schools

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