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When you own stocks, your share of the profit is called ____.
a) dividends
b) bonds
c) securities
d) mutual funds

In regards to investing, putting some money in safe investments and some money in risky investments is called ____.
a) diversifying
b) securing
c) funding
d) rate of return

A place where stocks are bought and sold is a ____.
a) stock exchange
b) stock broker
c) stock ticker
d) money market

____ is the world's first electronic stock market.
b) Wilshire 5000
d) S&P 500

The largest stock exchange in the world in terms of money traded located on Wall Street is the ___.
b) Wilshire 5000
c) Dow Jones Industrial
d) S&P 500

Which of the following is NOT one of the stock market indices we discussed?
b) Dow Jones Industrial
c) S&P 500
d) Wilshire 5000

Which of the following is NOT a category of bonds?
a) mutual
b) corporate
c) municipal
d) US and treasuries

In a ____ market, there is fear, backing away, and investors are selling stocks and are hesitant to buy.
a) bear
b) bull
c) monkey
d) turtle

I=P*R*T is the formula for calculating ____ interest.
a) simple
b) compound
c) mutual
d) finance

Income minus expenses necessary for living equals
a) discretionary income
b) investing
c) interest
d) gross income

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