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The worksheet that appears in the workbook window
a) Active sheet
b) Ascending sort
c) Argument
d) 3-D reference

After you select a chart type and style, the chart is inserted as an embedded chart in the center of the worksheet
a) Embedded chart
b) Filter arrows
c) Filter
d) Exploded pie chart

The location where the data will appear after it is transferred
a) Embedded chart
b) 3-D reference
c) Destination
d) Exploded pie chart

Data with letters arranged in alphabetical order (A to Z), data with numbers arranged from lowest to highest, and data with dates arranged from earliest to latest
a) Filter
b) Chart
c) Axis
d) Ascending sort

The value the function uses to perform a calculation, including a number, text, or a cell reference that acts as an operand
a) Argument
b) Filter arrows
c) Financial functions
d) Ascending sort

When you pull one or more slices away from the pie in a pie chart to distinguish them.
a) Filter
b) Exploded pie chart
c) Function
d) Formula AutoComplete

A line that establishes a relationship between data in a chart; most charts have a horizontal x-axis and a vertical y-axis
a) Axis
b) The entire chart and all other chart elements
c) A graphical representation of data
d) Financial functions

A graphical representation of data
a) The entire chart and all other chart elements
b) Chart layout
c) Chart
d) Hyperlink

A list that identifies patterns, symbols, or colors used in a chart
a) Legend
b) Picture
c) Object
d) Line chart

Shorthand way to write an equation that performs a calculation
a) Chart sheet
b) Function
c) Pie chart
d) Data marker

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