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He helped from the Declaration of Independence.
a) Patrick Henry
b) John Adams
c) Benjamin Franklin
d) Paul Revere

Whe wrote poems and plays to help support American Independence.
a) Harriet Tubman
b) Susan B. Anthony
c) Phillis Wheatley
d) Clara Barton

He was the British King during the Revolutionary War.
a) King Charles III
b) King George III
c) King James III
d) King Henry III

He was the British General who surrendered at Yorktown.
a) Lord Cornwallis
b) Robert E. Lee
c) Thomas
d) Ulysses S. Grant

These two men led patriots during the Boston Tea Party.
a) John Adams & Paul Revere
b) Samuel Adams & Paul Revere
c) John Adams & Samuel Adams
d) Benjamin Franklin & Paul Revere

He warned the colonists that the British are coming.
a) Paul Revere
b) Benjamin Franklin
c) John Adams
d) Patrick Henry

He was a member of the House of Burgesses & gave a speech about liberty or death.
a) Paul Revere
b) Samuel Adams
c) George Washington
d) Patrick Henry

He was the Commander of the Continental Army.
a) Patrick Henry
b) Ulysses S. Grant
c) George Washington
d) Abraham Linclon

He was the African American shot during the Boston Massacre.
a) Robert Smalls
b) Frederick Douglass
c) Booker T. Washington
d) Crispus Attucks

He was the major author of the Declaration of Independence.
a) George Washington
b) John Adams
c) Thomas Jefferson
d) Abraham Lincoln

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