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What is the climax of the story?
a) Lenny built wings made out of pink tissue paper
b) Lenny never flew again
c) Rudy laughed so hard he cried
d) Lenny flew with wax wings

Using context clues, the word contraptions probably means...
a) mechanical device
b) animals
c) medication
d) little sister

The protagonist of the story is...
a) Rudy
b) Lenny\'s mom
c) Lenny
d) the wings

The external conflict of the story is...
a) Lenny versus Rudy
b) Rudy vs. laughter
c) Lenny vs. pink tissue paper
d) Lenny vs. flight

The mood of this story is...
a) light, happy, funny
b) confused, mysterious
c) serious, explanatory
d) dark, sad

Why is Lenny a dynamic character?
a) he has the same goal the entire story
b) poptarts
c) he is not a dynamic character
d) he changes as he learns from his lessons

Lenny was an inventor. Is that a...
a) direct characterization
d) indirect characterization

After Rudy rolled around on the ground laughing for about a minute, he got up and asked Lenny if he was Ok.
a) direct characterization
d) indirect characterization

What point of view is the story told from?
a) 1st
b) omniscient
c) 3rd
d) 2nd

What literary genre is represented in this story?
a) historical fiction
b) realistic fiction
c) fantasy
d) autobiography

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