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These careers are Electrician, Carpenter, Police Officer, Chef, Surveyor, Medical Technician
a) Persuaders
b) Helpers
c) Thinkers
d) Doers

These careers are Politician, Publicity Agent, Newscaster, Tour Guide
a) Thinkers
b) Persuaders
c) Organizers
d) Helpers

These careers are Graphic Artist, Musician, Interior Decorator, Florist, Dancer, Set Designer
a) Doers
b) Thinkers
c) Creators
d) Organizers

These careers are Data Entry Clerk, Medical Records Specialist, Bookkeeper, Accountant, Word Processor
a) Thinkers
b) Organizers
c) Doers
d) Persuaders

These careers are Math Professor, Engineer, Computer Programmer, Mechanic, Dentist
a) Organizers
b) Creators
c) Helpers
d) Thinkers

These careers are Teacher, Counselor, Hotel Clerk, Waiter, Speech Therapist
a) Helpers
b) Doers
c) Thinkers
d) Creators

Another career that could be a DOER is:
a) Plumber
b) Baker
c) Bus Driver
d) Singer

Another career that could be a THINKER is:
a) Secretary
b) Meteorologist
c) Photographer
d) Painter

Another career that could be a HELPER is:
a) Clothes Designer
b) Sports Player
c) Fireman
d) Model

Another career that could be a PERSUADER is:
a) Salesman
b) Brick Layer
c) Truck Driver
d) Pharmacists

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