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The organic layer of soil that is made of still identifiable items is
a) litter
b) humus
c) clay
d) bedrock

How long does it take for fertile topsoil to form?
a) hundreds of years
b) a couple of years
c) about 10 years
d) billions of years

Which horizon is known as bedrock?
a) Horizon R
b) Horizon A
c) Horizon B
d) Horizon C

Which layer would be best to use to help plants grow?
a) topsoil
b) subsoil
c) bedrock
d) parent material

Which is not needed for soil formation?
a) lava
b) climate or water
c) time
d) parent material

Which layer is solid rock?
a) bedrock
b) humus
c) horizon A
d) horizon B

Which of the following would you expect to be very nutrient rich?
a) humus
b) sand
c) bedrock
d) gravel

Which horizon layer is known as parent material?
a) C
b) A
c) B
d) O

Which horizon is found at the top?
a) O
b) A
c) B
d) R

Which layer is made of parent material?
a) Horizon C
b) Horizon A
c) Horizon B
d) Horizon O

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