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Which command is used to delete or clear any recorded timing saved for a presentation?
a) Record Slide show
b) Custom Slide Show
c) Rehearse Timings
d) Set up Slide Show

Which ribbon contains the command to hide a slide in a presentation so that it does not show during the full-screen slide show?
a) Home
b) Design
c) Slide Show
d) Transitions

Which of the following software programs is used to create a collection of slides that is often called a presentation graphics program?
a) Office 2010
b) PowerPoint2010
c) Word 2010
d) WordPad

Which of the following refers to rearranging a multilevel list of text in an outline format by moving it from one level to another in the presentation?
a) Promote and demote
b) Increase and Decrease
c) Grow and Shrink
d) Raise and lower

In the PowerPoint 2010 window, what is the name of the area that contains the zoom control and PowerPoint view buttons?
a) Status bar
b) Title bar
c) Scroll bar
d) Slides pane

What group on the Picture Tools Format Ribbon enables a user to apply picture effects to a graphic?
a) Adjust
b) Arrange
c) Picature Styles
d) Color

In PowerPoint 2010, where is the command located to undo teh last action?
a) Home Ribbon
b) File tab
c) Quick access toolbar
d) Shortcut menu

Which ribbon is used to modify the layout of a SmartArt design?
a) design
b) SmartArt Tools Design
c) Home
d) SmartArt Tools Format

If a list on slide must appear in a sequential order, whichlist option should be selected?
a) Ordered List
b) Numbering
c) Unordered List
d) Bullets

Which comman is used to insert slides from another presentation into a new presentation?
a) New SLide
b) Section
c) Slides from Outline
d) Reuse Slides

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