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The mineral that makes up most of the earth\'s crust is?
a) hematite (ore of iron)
b) basalt
c) granite
d) gypsum

Color alone cannot be used to identify a mineral because....
a) only a few minerals always have their own characteristic color
b) color and streak are never the same color
c) the color of most minerals is hidden by veins in the rock
d) luster usually hides a mineral\'s true color

Earthy, silky, waxy, metallic and pearly are terms used to describe a
a) rock
b) color
c) streak
d) luster

Table salt is made from deposits of the mineral?
a) gypsum
b) calcite
c) halite
d) quartz

What is the Moh's scale?
a) Its a scale that ranks ten minerals from hardest (1) to softest (10)
b) Its a scale that ranks the softness of a material from softest(10) to hardnest (1)
c) Its a scale that ranks ten minerals from softest (1) to hardest (10)
d) Its a scale that ranks ten minerals by their luster characteristics.

Why does magma that cools deep below the surface have large crystals?
a) Magma cools very rapidly, leading to the formation of large crystals
b) Magma cools slowly, leading to the formation of large crystals
c) Magma cools rapidly, leading to the formation of large crystals
d) Magma never cools, leading to formation of large crystals

The softest know mineral is _______. The hardest known mineral is __________.
a) diamond, gypsum
b) gypsum, diamond
c) diamond, talc
d) talc, diamond

A mineral can scratch any mineral......
a) any mineral harder than itself
b) any mineral that is harder than diamond
c) any mineral softer than itself
d) any mineral that is harder than corundum

The difference between a piece of coal and a diamond is...
a) the chemical compostion
b) the arrangement of carbon atoms
c) the number of carbon atoms
d) the size of carbon atoms

The color of sulfur is _______, azuritte is _______, pyrite is________and malachite is_______?
a) yellow, blue, gold, brown
b) yellow, blue, green, gold
c) yellow, blue, gold, green
d) yellow, green, gold, blue

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