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An infectious disease is a disease that
a) is caught because the weather turns cold.
b) cannot be cured.
c) can be spread only by bacteria.
d) is caused by pathogens.

Based on what is known about the way HIV is spread among people, which of the following is one way that a person can become sick with AIDS?
a) bumping into an infected person.
b) having sex with an infected person.
c) donating blood to an infected person.
d) hugging an infected person.

How does HIV damage the immune system?
a) by destroying T cells.
b) by delaying the inflammation response.
c) by damaging antibodies.
d) by destroying B cells.

Substances that can cause cancer are called
a) asthma.
b) histamines.
c) carcinogens.
d) tumors.

Lyme disease is spread by
a) the bite of an infected tick.
b) coughing or sneezing.
c) eating contaminated food.
d) drinking contaminated water.

In which disease do a person’s body cells multiply uncontrollably?
a) diabetes
b) cancer
c) HIV

Louis Pasteur was able to demonstrate that microorganisms
a) can cause disease.
b) are too small to cause disease.
c) can be killed by over-the-counter medications.
d) can prevent the spread of disease.

A disorder in which the immune system is overly sensitive to a substance not normally found in the body is called
a) a carcinogen.
b) an antibody
c) diabetes.
d) an allergy

What eventually happens as a result of AIDS?
a) your immune systems shuts down.
b) you get HIV again.
c) T cells multiply uncontrollably.
d) your B cells regenerate.

How is HIV treated?
a) with nothing
b) with lots of vaccines
c) with antibotics
d) with anti-virals

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