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Which statement best summarizes the text?
a) Instructing your dog to follow your orders is going to take a little time.
b) Your dog needs a treat until it learns a command.
c) Teaching your dog how to sit may take a long time.
d) Soon your dog will be able to follow your commands without a treat.

What is meant by the phrase below? “Teaching Rover to Sit”
a) Rover is a common word used to mean a dog.
b) You need to change your dog’s name to Rover.
c) You must find a dog named Rover to teach him how to sit.
d) Rover is the name of the dog in the story, and you have to train him to sit.

How will your dog feel when you give him praise?
a) cheerful
b) sad
c) angry
d) frightened

In paragraph 4, what does the word verbal mean?
a) spoken
b) excellent
c) super
d) easy

Why would your dog not obey your commands?
a) Your dog has never learned commands before.
b) Your dog wants to do whatever he wants to do and won’t listen.
c) Your dog has forgotten the commands.
d) Your dog doesn’t understand your words, so he doesn’t follow the commands.

About how long will you need to give your dog a treat so that it will do what you say?
a) Until he learns how to follow the command.
b) Forever, if you want him to remember it.
c) For ten minutes, twice a day.
d) Only in the beginning, then take them away so he can show you he learned the command.

According to the text, how long do your sessions need to be?
a) 140 minutes a week
b) Ten minutes, twice a week
c) 70 minutes a week
d) Until your dog learns the command.

Which summarizes the section “Teaching Rover to Sit”?
a) You will need patience and time for your dog to learn to sit.
b) Your dog will learn to obey your command.
c) If your dog doesn’t sit, then guide your dog into a sitting position.
d) Use a clear voice when training your dog.

What does the word "gradually" mean?
a) Little by little
b) A lot
c) mostly
d) bigger

Did you like the reading?
a) yes
b) no
c) no
d) no

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