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What was the purpose of the 1st Colonial Congress?
a) Discuss responses to the growing British threat and send a statement to Parliament.
b) Discuss responses to the the growing British threat and create an army
c) Discuss war with British and send a statement to Parliament
d) Prepare for war, form an army, and then supply an army with money from each colony.

Why was the first petition sent to King George?
a) Wanted to discuss war and forming an army
b) Wanted the British to leave America so a new country could be created.
c) Reduce the taxes imposed by the king in the form of the Stamp Act and Sugar Act
d) Congress wanted to resolve through peace, and stated we have right to life liberty and property.

What things were first decided at the First Continental Congress?
a) Create an army to go to war
b) crush the British that came to America
c) Send petition stating only colonial legislatures had authority to make laws over them and stop trade
d) Elect Washington commander

Why did the Sons of Liberty need to warn those in Lexington and Concord?
a) British were spotted coming into Mass Bay by sea
b) British were providing arms to the Indians to attack the two cities
c) British were preparing to tax the rebels
d) British general ordered 700 soldiers to find hidden guns and arrest Hancock and Sam Adams

Who is Paul Revere and why was his ride important?
a) A general in the British army who was ordered to arrest Hancock and Adams. He was stopped.
b) Member of Sons of Liberty; rode to tell Hancok and Adams. It saved the weapons and men.
c) A member of the House of Burgess. He was the first one to the Continental Congress
d) A general in the Continental Army. He was the first to fire a shot heard around the world

What was decided during the Second Continental Congress?
a) Begin to prepare for war, form an army and supply the Army with money. Congress printed its own $
b) Send a petition to the King in an effort to discuss British threats peacefully
c) End fighting with the British
d) confect the Declaration of Independence

Why was George Washington recommended as commander in chief of the continetal army?
a) Experience in the War of 1812. He was also a general for the French in the French and Indian War
b) Skills and experience as an officer, talents and character. Experience in French and Indian War
c) He was the president of the United States so he could do the job as general.
d) He had experience as farmer and lived in Virginia.

Why was the Battle of Bunker Hill really on Breed's Hill?
a) Bunker Hill's name was changed to Breed's Hill by the British
b) Bunker Hill was the name of the town in Lexington
c) Soldier had built earthworks there and the battle was misnamed by historians
d) The British dug earthwork to store their gun powder in Bunker Hill but fought at Breed's Hill

Who really won the Battle of Bunker Hill
a) Colonist drove the British back twice before running out of gunpowder and British took hill
b) British won because they drove the Colonist back twice
c) Colonist won because the British ran out of gunpowder
d) Colonist won because the British went to the wrong hill

What was the Olive Branch petition
a) A petition written with an Olive Branch declaring war on British
b) British's response to the First Contintenal Congress Petition
c) A peace treaty between the British and the Colonist
d) A second petiion by colonist for a peaceful end to the fighting

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