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The circular pool at Lost River is in need of a new cover. Ranger Stephen knows that the diameter is 16 feet. How many square feet will he need to cover the pool?
a) 803.8 square feet.
b) 50.24 square feet
c) 201 square feet
d) 100.4 square feet

JaCi is making scarfs and she has 2 rolls of material. Each roll has 5 1/4 feet of material. It takes 4/5 feet of material to make one scarf. About how many scarfs can she make?
a) 13 Scarfs
b) 10 Scarfs
c) 6 Scarfs
d) 8 Scarfs

In Sabrina and Shelby's shopping cart, there are 3 pounds of apples at $0.76 per pound, 5 cans of peas at $1.24 per can, and 1 bag of marshmallows at $2.70. How much did they spend
a) $4.69
b) $8.94
c) $9.98
d) $11.18

Jared's recipe requires 2/3 cup flour. He only has 1/2 cup of flour in his pantry. How much more flour does he need?
a) 1/6 cups
b) 7/6 cups
c) 1/3 cups
d) 3/5 cups

Ian and Kaedun are fighting over this question. Find which one is true.
a) -16 is equal to 16
b) -29 is greater than 24
c) -47 is less than -43
d) -70 is less than -77

Which is closest to the area of a football field
a) 5,000 square yards
b) 5,000 square inches
c) 5,000 cubic yards
d) 5,000 cubic inches

A trapeziod is a quadrilateral with exaclty
a) four right angles
b) four congruent sides
c) one pair of parallel sides
d) all sides congruent

Robbie wants to find the Surface Area of a rectangular prism with the following dimensions: L=4in, W=3in, H=14in.
a) 110 square inches
b) 220 square inches
c) 208 squares inches
d) 168 square inches

Jillian and Melanie are having a debate. Help them find which property is common to all quadrilateral.s
a) four right angles
b) opposite sides congruent
c) four sides
d) opposite sides parallel

Help Trinity find which one is in order form least to greatest.
a) -3, -8, -15, 0, 5, 9
b) |-5|, |-3|, 0, |9|, 20
c) 0, -2, 5, -8, 10
d) -15, -4, 0, |2|, |-5|, 10

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