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Organisms that consume producers are _________ and ____________________ convert organic matter to inorganic matter by breakng down dead organisms.
a) producers and consumer
b) primary consumers and decomposers
c) detritivores and carnivores
d) decomposers and hebivores

Which part of Earth receives the greatest intensity of solar radiation?
a) Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn
b) North and South Poles
c) equator
d) all parts of Earth receive the same intensity of solar radiation.

Permafrost, or permanently frozen subsoil, characterizes _____.
a) tundra
b) coniferous forest
c) temperate deciduous forest
d) chaparral

Long, snowy winters as well as evergreen trees such as pine and fir are found in ______.
a) temperate grasslands
b) chaparral
c) temperate broadleaf forest
d) coniferous forest

Which of the following is abiotic?
a) a protist
b) rock
c) a plant
d) a fungus

Which of the following is biotic?
a) a rock
b) air
c) a plant
d) soil

The Sahara Desert and the Negev Desert belong to the same ______.
a) biome
b) community
c) abiota
d) biota

Ecology is the study of ______.
a) life
b) human effects on the environment
c) interactions between organisms and their environments
d) interactions between humans and other species

Ethical dilemmas raised by DNA technology and knowledge of the human genome include ______.
a) the potential discrimination against people predisposed to certain diseases
b) the safety of GM foods
c) the potential for interfering in evolution
d) all of the above

Bears eat berries, humans, and large fish; large fish eat smaller fish and insects; humans eat bears, large fish, and berries; Venus flytraps eat insects. This is called _________.
a) an ecosystem
b) a food chain
c) parasitism
d) a food web

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