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The backbone of DNA consists of ______.
a) a repeating sugar-phosphate-sugar-phosphate pattern
b) nitrogenous bases
c) a repeating sugar-nucleotide-sugar-nucleotide pattern
d) paired nucleotides

In a DNA double helix, adenine pairs with ______ and guanine pairs with ______.
a) cytosine... thymine
b) guanine... adenine
c) thymine... cytosine
d) uracil... cytosine

If one strand of a DNA double helix has the sequence GTCCAT, what is the sequence of the other strand?

Who discovered the structure of DNA?
a) Watson and Crick
b) Pauling
c) Hershey and Chase
d) Franklin

Evidence for the spiral nature of DNA came from ______.
a) X-ray crystallography studies by Rosalind Franklin
b) studies of disease-causing bacteria by Griffith
c) bacteriophage studies by Hershey and Chase
d) base rule studies by Chargaff

What type of chemical bond joins the bases of complementary DNA strands?
a) covalent
b) ionic
c) hydrogen
d) hydrophilic

Nucleosomes are made of ______________________________________.
a) DNA
b) proteins
c) RNA and protein
d) DNA and histone proteins

Cells function as many types. Some of these cells function as liver cells, muscle cells, red blood cells. What is this process called?
a) cellular differentiation
b) gene expression
c) regeneration
d) carcinogenesis

The human genome contains approximately ______ genes.
a) 2,000-3,000
b) 21,000
c) 50,000-60,000
d) 1,000-2,000

The Human Genome Project has the potential to ______.
a) increase our understanding of the historical relationships among species
b) lead to treatments for contagious diseases
c) lead to treatments for inherited diseases
d) play a role in all of the choices listed here

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