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Which of the following people was the Spanish explorer whose expedition 'discovered' the Grand Canyon and other landmarks?
a) Juan de Onate
b) Francisco Coronado
c) Diego de Vargas
d) Manuel Armijo

What is Po'pay's claim to fame?
a) He was the first governor of New Mexico.
b) He established the first Spanish mission in New Mexico.
c) He was an Apache leader who continued to resist the U.S. reservation policy until 1886.
d) He organized the Pueblos to revolt against the Spaniards in 1680.

Which of these people led the Spanish soldiers on the 'reconquest' of New Mexico after the Pueblo Revolt?
a) Diego de Vargas
b) Juan de Onate
c) Po'pay
d) Charles Bent

Which of these people was a trapper, rancher, and soldier who was involved in the Navajo Long Walk?
a) Stephen Kearny
b) Charles Bent
c) Kit Carson
d) Billy the Kid

Which of the following is NOT true of Billy the Kid?
a) He was an oulaw.
b) He escaped from jail twice.
c) He fought in the Lincoln County War.
d) He was executed by hanging.

Which of the following is NOT a theory behind the 'disappearance' of the Anasazi culture?
a) The Anasazi people disappeared and left no ancestors to carry on their culture.
b) A severe drought may have caused the Anasazi to disperse away from the Four Corners region.
c) Evidence of defensive structures suggests that violence many have caused them to scatter.
d) Pueblo legends say that it was simply time for the Anasazi to migrate elsewhere.

What happened in the Pueblo Revolt of 1680?
a) The Spaniards defeated the Pueblos and killed many people.
b) The Pueblos defeated the Spaniards, who fled the colony for twelve years.
c) Pueblo warriors killed the American governor, Charles Bent.
d) The Spanish governor killed Po'pay, a Pueblo leader.

What was the *main* purpose of the Santa Fe Trail?
a) To trade (between New Mexico and the U.S.)
b) For settlers to come to New Mexico and farm the land.
c) For groups experiencing religious persecution to find freedom in New Mexico.
d) For miners looking for gold to come to New Mexico's mines.

Which of the following sentences describes the Lincoln County War?
a) The Union soldiers defeated the Confederate soldiers by burning their supply train.
b) Angry New Mexicans killed Governor Bent and other American settlers.
c) Po'pay organized the Pueblos to revolt against Spanish rule.
d) A conflict developed between rival cattle ranchers and exploded with the murder of John Tunstall.

What did the government call the program that developed the first atomic bomb?
a) The Dust Bowl
b) The Punitive Expedition
c) The Manhattan Project
d) The Spanish Influenza

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