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What does the term 'altitude' mean?
a) The aritificial watering of crops.
b) The amount of rainfall in a year.
c) The average maximum temperature.
d) The height of land above sea level.

What does the word 'nomadic' mean?
a) A lifestyle in which someone stays in one place, with a permanent home.
b) A lifestyle in which someone is constantly on the move, with no permanent home.
c) A religion that recognizes many gods.
d) A building material made of clay, water, and sand.

What is a 'kachina'?
a) A spirit being of the traditional Pueblo religion.
b) A room (usually round) that is used for religious ceremonies.
c) A traditional Navajo dwelling.
d) A Spanish outpost, centered around a church, where Native Americans worked and worshipped.

What does 'polytheistic' mean?
a) Practicing no religion.
b) Woshipping many gods.
c) Making sacrifices to a god.
d) Worshipping one god.

Describe a Spanish mission.
a) It was a small adobe house where one Spanish family would live.
b) It was a fort built by the Spanish for only military purposes.
c) It was an outpost, centered around a church, where Native Americans worked and learned to worship.
d) It was only a church, with no other buildings or fields around it.

What is a 'wickiup'?
a) A traditional Navajo dwelling.
b) A traditional Pueblo dwelling.
c) A traditional Apache dwelling.
d) None of the above.

What is a 'retablo'?
a) A religious statue (3D) from the Spanish Colonial period.
b) A religious painting (2D) from the Spanish Colonial period.
c) Another word for a Catholic church.
d) Another word for an adobe house.

What does 'Manifest Destiny' mean?
a) A belief during the 1800s that the U.S. had a right and a duty to spread across the continent.
b) The desire of Spanish explorers to go to the New World for God, Gold, and Glory
c) The belief of Native Americans that they were destined to break free from U.S. rule.
d) The belief of many Americans that they should settle no further west than the Mississippi River.

Which of the following means 'the artificial (manmade) watering of crops'?
a) Precipitation
b) Irrigation
c) Elevation
d) Climate

What do historians call the area of the U.S. that suffered from severe drought and erosion in the 1930s?
a) The Great Desert
b) The Dusty Plains
c) The Scorched States
d) The Dust Bowl

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