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A difference between marathon runners and sprinters is ______.
a) marathon runners have more fast-twitch muscle fibers in their leg muscles
b) marathon runners have more slow-twitch fibers in their leg muscles
c) sprinters perform better in activities that require slow, steady muscle activity
d) sprinters have a high proportion of muscle fibers that require oxygen to make ATP

Humans are both
a) heterotrophs and autotrophs
b) heterotrophs and consumers.
c) producers and consumers.
d) autotrophs and producers.

Photosynthetic organisms such as plants are ______.
a) producers that make all their own organic matter from inorganic molecules
b) consumers that obtain organic molecules from other living organisms
c) decomposers that obtain nutrients from the soil
d) producers that make all of their organic matter from organic molecules that they take in

A horse eating some hay is an example of ______.
a) an autotroph eating a producer
b) an autotroph eating a consumer
c) a consumer eating a heterotroph
d) a consumer eating a producer

The WASTE products of cellular respiration (think: humans exhaling) include ______.
a) water only
b) water and carbon dioxide
c) carbon dioxide only
d) water and glucose

Plant cells ______.
a) use carbon dioxide but do not use oxygen
b) do not need mitochondria because their chloroplasts meet their energy needs
c) do not need chloroplasts because their mitochondria meet their energy needs
d) have chloroplasts and mitochondria

The ultimate source of the energy in food is ______.
a) the sun
b) consumers
c) producers
d) ATP

An aerobic process such as running requires ______.
a) carbon dioxide
b) carbohydrates
c) oxygen
d) ATP

Which of the following are produced during cellular respiration?
a) oxygen and glucose
b) carbon dioxide, water, and ATP
c) carbon dioxide and ATP
d) ATP and water

Which of the following reactants primarily come(s) from the air?
a) oxygen and carbon dioxide
b) glucose
c) carbon dioxide
d) water

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