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la caza
a) cycling
b) mountain climbing
c) rowing
d) hunting

el correr
a) walking
b) running/jogging
c) rowing
d) biking

al alpinismo
a) mountain climbing
b) parachuting
c) sailing
d) horseback riding

el remo
a) horseback riding
b) rowing
c) cycling
d) swimming

el deporte de vela
a) swimming
b) walking
c) sailing
d) white water rafting

el buceo
a) scuba diving
b) swimming
c) mountain climbing
d) mountain biking

el salta paracaĆ­das
a) hunting
b) rowing
c) frisbee
d) skydiving

la nataciĆ³n
a) mountain climbing
b) swimming
c) hunting
d) cycling

la caminata
a) horseback riding
b) skydiving
c) scuba diving
d) walking

el rafting con aguas bravos
a) mountain climbing
b) horseback riding
c) white water rafting
d) backpacking

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