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Which is true about the relationship between light and the electromagnetic spectrum?
a) Visible light travels slower than the rest of the electromagnetic spectrum
b) Visible light has more energy than the rest of the electromagnetic spectrum
c) Visible light is only part of the electromagnetic spectrum that can be detected by the human eye
d) Visible light is the only part of the electromagnetic spectrum that can travel through space

The bouncing of light rays off an object is called...
a) congruence
b) reflection
c) symmetry
d) refraction

Eyeglasses work on the principle of...
a) refraction
b) reflection
c) visible light
d) electromagnetic spectrum

When we look at a red bird, which color is reflected?
a) blue
b) red
c) yellow
d) green

Which waves have the highest frequency?
a) Gamma
b) x-rays
c) Microwaves
d) Radio waves

a triangular piece of glass or plastic that bends light
a) spectrum
b) pigments
c) prism
d) visible light

A substance that does not transmit light
a) Transparent
b) Opaque
c) Translucent
d) Clear

When placed in direct sunlight, which object will absorb the most visible light energy?A
a) A piece of clear glass
b) a black sweater
c) a snowball
d) a mirror

Which feature best distinguishes one form of electromagnetic energy
a) color
b) wavelength
c) surface temperature
d) distance traveled

Which part of the eye sends signals to the brain?
a) lens
b) cornea
c) pupil
d) optic nerve

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