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How are sound waves different from light waves?
a) sound waves travel through space but light waves cannot
b) sound waves are a source of energy but light waves are not
c) sounds waves have shorter wavelengths than light waves
d) sound waves travel at a slower speed than light waves

Through which of these mediums does sound travel the fastest?
a) air
b) water
c) steam
d) steel

What is the unit for measuring the intensity of sound?
a) decibel
b) wavelength
c) amplitude
d) hertz

Sound waves are mechanical waves, so they must always
a) travel through a vacuum
b) travel through matter
c) be made by machines
d) have the same amplitude

Which unit is a measure of sound frequency?
a) hertz
b) meter
c) amp
d) decibel

The frequency of a sound wave determines its
a) pitch
b) amplitude
c) intensity
d) loudness

As sound waves travel away from their source, their
a) intensity increases
b) energy increases
c) intensity decreases
d) frequency decreases

Which of the following is caused by amplification?
a) wavelength increases
b) amplitude increases
c) frequency decreases
d) decibel measure decreases

Like all other waves, sound waves can
a) be reflected
b) be absorbed
c) be transferred
d) all of the choices

Sound Waves are
a) seismic waves
b) transverse waves
c) longitudinal waves
d) p waves

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