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Which was not an achievement of the Han?
a) medicine
b) science
c) government
d) architecture

What did the Han create?
a) The Great Wall of China
b) The Silk Road
c) Confucius Philosophy
d) Terra-cotta Warriors

What is the major philosophical difference between the Qin and Han?
a) Han were more strict and had harsh punishments
b) Han valued wisdom, and did not cruelly punish
c) Qin valued government projects
d) Qin were cruel but created wealth through creating the Silk Road

All of the following were natural barriers that protected China
a) Pacific Ocean
b) Himalayan Mountains
c) Gob & Taklimakan Deserts
d) The Great Wall

True or False The Han were the first Dynasty of China

Which had the greatest impact on government?
a) Civil Service Exams
b) Acupuncture
c) Confucius
d) The Emperor

What is cultural diffusion?
a) when culture breaks apart
b) when culture of one society becomes the culture of another
c) when the cultures of two or more groups create a new mix culture
d) when Boy George breaks up with Culture Club. Red, gold, and green.

What is a dynasty?
a) when the ruling person's family is in charge for more than one or two generations
b) when someone grows a beard and hunts duck
c) when someone travels a great distance
d) when someone has a dream that they work hard that becomes true

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll tootsie pop?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) CRUNCH! The world may never know

Which statement about the lesson fits you best?
a) it was different more enjoyable lesson plus you learned a lot
b) moving around the room, being hands on helped keep you motivated
c) this activity is not really better than a normal style of reading, answering, discussion
d) it could have been better if....

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