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Quiz About The Famous Central New York Hoax. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

The truth first became known
a) in court
b) in the movies
c) in a book
d) in a newpaper

PT Barnum
a) made a copy of the Giant and pretended he had the one dug up in Cardiff, NY
b) had the Giant dug up in Cardiff, NY
c) was always honest
d) dug up the giant in Cardiff, NY

The Cardiff Giant was sold to David Hannum for
a) $3
b) $30,000
c) $30
d) #3,000

The Cardiff Giant was a hoax. Hoax means
a) a trick meant to fool people
b) a party game
c) stupid
d) statue

The giant went from
a) Chicago to Cardiff to Syracuse to New York City
b) Cardiff to Syracuse to New York City to Chicago
c) Chicago to New York City to Cardiff to Syracuse
d) Cooperstown to Cardiff to Syracuse to New York City

Ringling Bros. and Barnum Bailey
a) was famous for there circus
b) carved the giant
c) wrote a book about the Cardiff Gian
d) was President of the US

Hull wanted people to believe that the Cardiff Giant was
a) a work of art
b) a fake
c) a statue
d) was a biblical giant turned to stone

The hoax lasted from
a) 1869-1870
b) 1866-1900
c) 1866-1867
d) 1969=1970

Who planned the Cardiff Giant hoax?
a) former President Bush
b) PT Barnum
c) George Hull
d) David Hannum

Deliberately fabricated falsehood made to masquerade as truth is
a) a fossil
b) a hoax
c) an April Fool's joke
d) a dead man

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