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Consumers who feel their consumer rights have been violated have the right to...?
a) Take matters into their own hands
b) Take legal action.
c) refuse to pay for the good or service.
d) Demand that the government revoke the company's license.

What are consumer rights?
a) The protection buyers have when in a law suit.
b) House fire protection.
c) Customers are always right.
d) The protection buyers have upon buying a product or service.

The American Government issues money to...?
a) become a self-sufficient nation.
b) compete against the Chinese currency.
c) allow the exchange of goods and services.
d) allow everyone to be equal.

Which of the following are NOT types of money used the U.S.?
a) Banks
b) Deposits in banks
c) Federal Reserve Note
d) Coins

Higher taxes are usually a result of...
a) Increased government spending
b) Decreased government spending
c) Increased consumer spending
d) Increased global trade

When the government decreases borrowing, what is most likely to happen?
a) Consumers and businesses have more funds to borrow.
b) Consumers and businesses have less funds to borrow.
c) Nothing happens.
d) Government shuts down

Which of the following is NOT a way that the government gets money to provide public goods and services?
a) Through fees
b) Through borrowing money
c) Through taxes
d) Through donations

A poster with 'Save our Planet' would most likely be associated with what agency?
a) EPA
b) FTC
c) FCC
d) NRA

What happens when the government lowers taxes?
a) Pollution increases
b) Global trade decreases
c) Consumers and businesses have less money to spend.
d) Consumers and businesses have more money to spend.

What happens when the government decreases spending?
a) Taxes and employment decrease
b) Taxes and employment increase
c) Nothing happens
d) Production increases

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