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What is the amount of dissolved substances in water?
a) salt
b) salinity
c) temperature
d) chemical weathering

Where do ocean salts come from?
a) chemical weathering
b) earth's interior
c) run off from land
d) both a and b

What is a thermocline?
a) change of density with depth
b) change of temperature with depth
c) change of salinity
d) change of sunlight

How do plankton move?
a) Swim
b) Crawl
c) Float
d) Walk

What is photosynthesis?
a) use of light to make food
b) use of chemicals to make food
c) use of energy to make food
d) something that plants do

What is a tropic level?
a) part of a food web
b) a feeding stage
c) what the arrow points to
d) part of a food chain

What is a food chain?
a) an interconnected or interrelated food thingy
b) a source of food and energy
c) a sequences of organisms that transfer energy
d) somethings all animals do

How are marine organisms classified?
a) what they eat
b) how they move
c) where they live
d) both 3 and 4

What is a pycnocline?
a) change of temperature with depth
b) change of salinity
c) change of density with depth
d) change of sunlight

Name the 3 ocean layers
a) mixed, surface, deep
b) oceanic, transition, mixed
c) mixed, transition, deep
d) intertidal, oceanic, photic

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