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whats another word for really tired?
a) awake
b) hungry
c) exhausted
d) happy

what does it mean to exceed?
a) to do really bad
b) to sleep
c) to eat
d) to do really good

Which word is not a negative feeling?
a) delighted
b) embarrased
c) bored
d) envious

what is the correct from of the word? I am__________...(fly)
a) flew
b) flies
c) flying
d) flyed

whats the word that doesnt belong?
a) good
b) worst
c) best
d) better

what word is spelled wrong?
a) height
b) view
c) feild
d) bubbles

what doesnt belong?
a) as well
b) but
c) also
d) too

which is not a preposition?
a) or
b) besides
c) in front of
d) next to

whats not a conjunction?
a) and
b) today
c) but
d) or

how do you like this game?
a) its okay.
b) i choose not to answer.
c) i hate it!
d) i love it!

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