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Why do some of the symbols not match the name?
a) Because they use the Latin or old world name of the element.
b) Mendeleev wanted to mess with us.
c) They already had that name taken
d) to be more challenging.

The periodic table is set up according to
a) The number of protons in an element and the elements in groups have similar properties.
b) to the way they look
c) because of how much each costs
d) by Alphabetically

the name of the group of elements along the stair shape part of the Periodic Table are
a) Metalloids
b) Alkali group
c) Lanthanides
d) Actinides

#24- The elements that do not ordinarily form compounds are
a) Noble gases
b) Halogens
c) Carbon family elements
d) Metals

Synthetic elements are
a) Man made, not found in nature
b) plastics
c) fabrics for clothes
d) made from oil

The period number is also the same number as the
a) the number of electrons in each shell.
b) number of electron energy shells.
c) the number of Neutron shells.
d) the number of electrons in the nucleus.

#22- In general, which of the following statements about metals is true?
a) Metal need to be stored in a sealed container for safty.
b) Metals show a wide range of chemical properties.
c) Metals do not react with oxygen.
d) Metals are highly reactive substances.

#21- Lemonade consists of several substances that are NOT chemically combined, so lemonade is classified as a(n)
a) mixture
b) pure substance
c) compound
d) element

#19- Table sugar and table salt are examples of
a) pure substances
b) elements
c) atoms
d) mixtures

#20- Which of the following is NOT an example of a chemical change?
a) salt dissolving in water
b) rust forming on an iron fence.
c) gas burning on a stove
d) using electricity to break down water into hydrogen and oxygen

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