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The constitutional protection against unfair governmental actions and laws is?
a) Rule of law
b) Consent of the governed
c) Lobbying
d) Due process of law

In which type of case does a court determine whether or not a person accused of breaking the law is guilty or not guilty of a misdemeanor?
a) Civil case
b) Criminal Case
c) Child custody case
d) Family case

Chad is arrested for speeding. When he goes to trial, for the first time, what type of jurisdiction does that court have?
a) Original
b) Limited
c) Appellate
d) Concurrent

What VA Court hears misdemeanors and traffic violations?
a) VA Court of Appeals
b) General District Court
c) Circuit Court
d) VA Supreme Court

Which of the following courts is NOT part of the U.S. Court System?
a) U.S. Supreme Court
b) Court of Appeals
c) U.S. District Court
d) U.S. Circuit Court

Who is a defendant?
a) A judge in the case
b) Person accused of a crime
c) Person prosecuting a crime
d) Person who made the complaint

Who is a plaintiff in a civil case?
a) Person being sued
b) Defense lawyer
c) Person filing a lawsuit
d) Prosecutor

What is a civil case?
a) Disagreement between two parties
b) When someone goes to the Supreme Court
c) When someone breaks the law
d) When someone is caught speeding

What is a criminal case?
a) Where someone is released from jail
b) Disagreements between two parties
c) Where someone is accused of breaking the law
d) Where someone is accused of breaking a contract

Which amendments are associated with due process?
a) 6th and 18th
b) 5th and 14th
c) 1st and 19th
d) 4th and 15th

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