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Sugar dissolved in water is an example of a
a) element
b) substance
c) solution
d) compound

Heat is given off in a _______________ reaction
a) endothermic
b) substantial
c) exothermic
d) chemical

The rate of speed over time with direction is
a) speed
b) volume
c) density
d) velocity

When friction occurs between two objects, what particle is transferred?
a) proton
b) proton & neutron
c) electron
d) neutron

The atomic mass number gives the number of
a) electrons
b) neutrons
c) protons & neutrons
d) protons

In outer space, a person\'s _____________ will change, but _____________ will stay the same.
a) weight, mass
b) mass, height
c) weight, temperature
d) mass, weight

H20 is made up of
a) 1 Hydrogen atom and 2 oxygen atoms
b) 2 hydrogen atoms
c) 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atoms
d) 2 hydrogen atoms and 2 oxygen atoms

Stirring water as sugar is added does what
a) speeds up the rate of dissolving
b) cools down the water
c) heats up the water dramatically
d) slows down the rate of dissolving

Besides stirring, what else can speed up the dissolving of a solid?
a) colder temperature
b) bigger container
c) adding color
d) warmer temperature

A substance made up of at least 2 elements that are chemically combined is called a
a) element
b) mixture
c) compound
d) gravity

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