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Which allels indicate an organism that is hybrid for a trait?
a) Bb
b) bb
c) BB
d) abc

The passing of traits from one generation to the next is ____.
a) heredity
b) phenotype
c) genotype
d) botony

Tall is dominant. What alleles could a person inherit to exhibit this trait?
a) TT and Tt
b) only tt
c) only TT
d) only TTt

Which of the following would indicate a purebred organism?
a) AA
b) Aa
c) xy
d) aA

If F means tongue flipper and f means non-flipper, which student would be a non-flipper?
a) ff
b) FF
c) Ff
d) XY

Whose square do we use to determine the probability of a trait occurring?
a) Punnett
b) Bangert
c) Mendel
d) Gregor

Which of the following is a phenotype.
a) blue eyes
b) Ab
c) bb
d) aa

Which of the following is homozygous, dominant?
a) AA
b) bb
c) Aa
d) Ab

Who is the "Father of Genetics?"
a) an Austrian monk named Mendel
b) a scientist named Einstein
c) a botanist named De Vries
d) a mathematician named Fibonacci

During ____, alleles separate into different sex cells.
a) meiosis
b) mitosis
c) respiration
d) cytokinesis

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