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An oxyacid contains
a) oxygen and hydrogen only.
b) oxygen, hydrogen, and one other element.
c) oxygen, hydrogen, and two other elements
d) oxygen and an element other than hydrogen.

Which of the following is not an oxyacid?
a) H2SO4
b) H2O2
c) HClO4
d) HClO2

Which acid is used to make fertilizers and detergents and is a flavoring agent in beverages?
a) phosphoric acid
b) sulfuric acid
c) nitric acid
d) hydrochloric acid

Which acid is produced in the stomach?
a) hydrochloric acid
b) nitric acid
c) phosphoric acid
d) sulfuric acid

The traditional definition of acids is based on the observations of
a) Arrhenius.
b) Brønsted and Lowry.
c) Lewis.
d) Mendeleev.

An Arrhenius acid contains
a) hydrogen that ionizes to form hydrogen ions
b) hydrogen that does not ionize.
c) oxygen that ionizes to form hydroxide ions.
d) oxygen that ionizes to form oxygen ions

Arrhenius theorized that a base is a chemical compound that
a) increases the concentration of hydrogen ions when dissolved in water.
b) increases the concentration of hydroxide ions when dissolved in water.
c) decreases the concentration of hydrogen ions when dissolved in water.
d) decreases the concentration of hydroxide ions when dissolved in water

substance that ionizes nearly completely in aqueous solutions and produces H3O+ is a
a) weak acid.
b) weak base.
c) strong base
d) strong acid

A Brønsted-Lowry acid is a(n)
a) electron-pair acceptor.
b) proton acceptor.
c) proton donor.
d) electron-pair donor.

A Brønsted-Lowry base is a(n)
a) proton acceptor
b) producer of OH– ions.
c) electron-pair donor
d) electron-pair acceptor.

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