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Which of the following physical features is NOT found in the Midest Region?
a) Oceans
b) Wetlands
c) Rivers
d) Lakes

Which of the following is the SAME between the Great Lakes and Central Plains regions?
a) Hills
b) Badlands
c) Shallow rivers
d) Deep rivers

Why is an area in the Midwest known as Tornado Alley?
a) It is prone to tornadoes.
b) All of the above.
c) The most destructive tornadoes in the country are found there.
d) It gets over 700 tornadoes a year.

Why is Tornado Alley prone to tornadoes?
a) Warm air for the Gulf of Mexico and cool air from Canada meet and form tornadoes.
b) Tornado Alley is not prone to tornadoes.
c) It is less windy there.
d) There ar emore clouds there.

What is the capital of Illinois?
a) Springfield
b) Lansing
c) Lincoln
d) Chicago

What is the abbreviation for Missouri?
a) MO
b) MR
c) MS
d) MI

What is a difference between the Sioux tribe and Michigan Native American tribes?
a) Sioux lived in teepees.
b) Siouxwore moccassins.
c) Sioux told legends.
d) Sioux hunted elk and deer.

True or false: The Mississippi River run through the Midwest region.
a) True
d) False

What is the capital of North Dakota?
a) Bismarck
b) Des Moines
c) Madison
d) Pierre

Which two states touch Michigan?
a) Ohio and Indiana
b) Nebraska and Kansas
c) Ohio and Illinois
d) Indiana and Illinois

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