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Acids taste
a) sweet
b) sour
c) bitter
d) salty

Acetic acid is found in
a) lemons
b) sour milk
c) apples
d) vinager

Acids react with
a) bases to produce salts and water.
b) salts to produce bases and water.
c) water to produce bases and salts.
d) neither bases, salts, nor water.

Aqueous solutions of acids
a) contain only two different elements.
b) carry electricity
c) have very high boiling points.
d) cannot be prepared.

Bases taste
a) bitter
b) sour
c) soapy
d) sweet

Bases feel
a) slippery
b) rough
c) moist
d) dry

Aqueous solutions of bases
a) contain only two different elements.
b) carry electricity.
c) have very high boiling points
d) cannot be prepared

A binary acid contains
a) hydrogen and one other element.
b) two hydrogen atoms.
c) hydrogen and two other elements.
d) hydrogen and three other elements.

Which of the following is a binary acid?
a) HBr
b) NaOH
c) H2SO4

Which acid is used in batteries?
a) sulfuric acid
b) hydrochloric acid
c) nitric acid
d) phosphoric acid

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