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African American children being forced to serve as apprentices is an example of what?
a) slave codes
b) black codes
c) literacy test
d) poll taxes

What does impeach mean?
a) to be questioned by the Supreme Court
b) to take away presidential power
c) to extend presidential power
d) to be formally charged with wrong doing

What was the point of Sherman\'s March?
a) to destroy the Confederate army
b) to break the South\'s will to fight
c) to encourage freeing the South\'s slaves
d) to find supplies for the Union army

What is not true about the Battle of Petersburg?
a) It was very close to Richmond.
b) It was located on the Mississippi River.
c) It was a railroad center for the Confederacy.
d) It was a nine-month siege.

With the fall of Vicksburg, Union forces
a) gained control of the Mississippi River.
b) controlled all southern ports.
c) showed that black soldiers could fight.
d) proved the value of ironclad ships.

Which was NOT an advantage enjoyed by the North at the beginning of the Civil War?
a) larger population
b) superior military leadership
c) better banking system
d) more industry

Which was NOT a strength in the South?
a) support of the white population
b) better railroad system
c) superior military leadership
d) fighting in familiar territory

Blockade means
a) cut off an area by means of troops or warships to stop supplies
b) a military person killed, wounded or captured
c) amendment
d) a region of hills and forests west of the Tidewater

In 1861, 48 Virginia counties organized themselves as a separate state called
a) Maryland.
b) Delaware.
c) West Virginia.
d) East Virginia.

On January 1, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln signed the
a) Free Slave Bill.
b) Fourteenth Amendment.
c) Emancipation Proclamation.
d) Thirteenth Amendment.

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