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der Flugsteig
a) airplane
b) airport
c) gate (boarding) area
d) steps

am Fenster
a) at the window
b) on the aisle
c) at the counter
d) in the restroom

der Flugschein
a) airport
b) passport
c) airline ticket
d) restroom

am Gang
a) on the aisle
b) in the airport
c) at the counter
d) in the restroom

die Bordkarte
a) airline ticket
b) television
c) boarding pass
d) ice cream

am Schalter
a) in the airport
b) at the gate
c) at the ticket counter
d) on the telephone

ein paar Mal
a) in the morning
b) never
c) always
d) once or twice

das Flugzeug
a) ticket
b) airplane
c) passport
d) boarding pass

er hat vor
a) he has
b) he intends
c) he won't
d) he must

der Reispass
a) a boarding pass
b) a novel
c) a wristwatch
d) a passport

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