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Why was it important that the South lost control of the Mississippi River?
a) The South now had to rely on its expansive railroad system to transport soldiers and supplies.
b) The South gained a chance at winning the war.
c) The South now lost their chance of winning the war.
d) The South could now attack the North by shipping soldiers North.

How did women contribute to the war effort?
a) They served as nurses and spies.
b) THey served as spies and generals.
c) They served as nurses and railroad builders.
d) They served as factory workers and butchers.

What was one effect of Reconstruction?
a) The North decided to allow slavery.
b) The Constitution was changed to protect the rights of black citizens.
c) States began to get more power.
d) The U.S. decided to outlaw guns.

What did the Freedmen's Bureau do?
a) Brought an end to slavery
b) provided equal rights to African Americans
c) helped all Southerners
d) Provided basic services to those transitioning to freedom

What was the 14th Amendment?
a) ended slavery
b) voting rights
c) right to religion
d) citizenship rights

What was the 15th Amendment
a) ended slavery
b) voting rights
c) right to religion
d) citizenship rights

Why did the Radical Republicans not like Lincoln's plan?
a) They wanted to punish the South.
b) They wanted to punish Johnson for being a Democrat.
c) They wanted to guarantee that slavery would continue.
d) They wanted the South to remain separate from the North.

What was the 13th Amendment?
a) ended slavery
b) voting rights
c) right to religion
d) citizenship rights

Which group would have a problem with an African American talking about equal rights?
a) The KKK
b) Carpetbaggers
c) Abolitionists
d) Quakers

Why did John Wilkes Booth assassinate President Lincoln?
a) He was afraid of being drafted.
b) He was hired to assassinate him.
c) He was upset because he lost many family members in the war.
d) He was upset that the South surrendered.

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