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A prairie dog, a hawk, and a badger all are members of the same
a) niche
b) community
c) species
d) population

All of the following are examples of limiting factors for populations except
a) space
b) food
c) time
d) weather

In which type of interaction do both species benefit?
a) predation
b) mutualism
c) commensalism
d) parasitism

Which of these relationships is an example of parasitism?
a) a bird building a nest on a tree branch
b) a bat pollinating a saguaro cactus
c) a flea living on a cat's blood
d) ants protecting a tree that produces the ants' only food

The series of predictable changes that occur in a community over time is called
a) natural selection
b) ecology
c) commensalism
d) succession

Grass is an example of a ___________ in a habitat.
a) biotic factor
b) abiotic factor
c) population

_________ is the number of individuals in a specific area
a) immigration
b) population
c) emigration
d) species

An organism's specific role in its habitat is called its ______
a) niche
b) community
c) predator

The struggle between organisms for limited resources is called __________
a) mutualism
b) predation
c) competition

A parasite lives on or inside its __________________
a) predator
b) prey
c) host
d) species

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