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28. Based upon the details revealed in the passage, an
a) cliff dwelling
b) wild animal
c) border checkpoint
d) stone formation

29. The attitude that the archaeologist displays toward the author is likely motivated by a(n)
a) personal animus towards uncultured tourists
b) understandable reluctance to exaggerate the significance of his discovery
c) sincere desire for cultural preservation
d) mischievous glee at misdirecting strangers

30. The author's delay in departing is a product of his
a) desire to experience the site at a particular time of day
b) confusion over the archaeologist's directions
c) fear of the strangeness of the desert locale
d) inability to collect his belongings expeditiously

31. The author's observation that he 'worried only about rattlesnakes' (line 35) is likely intended to reveal his
a) stalwartness in a physically taxing environment
b) confidence in locating the intaglio successfully
c) attempt to bolster his questionable self confidence
d) disdain for the admonitions of the archaeologist

32. In light of the context in which it appears, the word 'frankness' (line 37) is BEST interpreted as
a) ruggedness
b) starkness
c) inaccessibility
d) unevenness

33. The characteristic of the intaglio that first impresses the author is its
a) vivid color
b) unusual shape
c) vast dimensions
d) geographical orientation

34. The impact of the intaglio upon the author triggers all of the following EXCEPT
a) a comparative diminution of the other features of the landscape
b) a sudden rush of tension and excitement
c) an imaginative collage of historical images
d) a primal impulse to seek refuge

35. Which of the following does NOT help to establish the discomfiting temporal disorientation of the author?
a) the kaleidoscopic images of the hunt and violence
b) the metonymy of the 'unoccupied corridor' (line 62)
c) the allusions to historical conquerors and natives
d) the similes of the ferret and the farmers

36. Which of the following questions about the intaglio remains largely unanswered at the end of the passage?
a) Where is it located?
b) Who might have created it?
c) What is its significance?
d) What is its relative size?

37. The author stylistically conveys the powerful impact of the intaglio upon him through all of the following EXCEPT
a) sensory images
b) allusions to Western history
c) a hyperbolic description of its dimensions
d) contrasts with real animal encounters

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